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 1Night Stand Series

     Even the good turn bad sometimes...

A life of servitude to God has left Ariel Raine feeling worn out. Being an Angel isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Day in and day out of the same routine tends to get tedious. Wanting some spice in her life, she sets her mind on discovering the allure of a sexual encounter. With the help of Madam Eve and her 1 Night Stand dating services, Ariel is about to have her world rocked.

Only problem is…her match is a demon.

Edison Grey has relied on dating services to claim minions for not only him, but for his master Satan as well. 1 Night Stand just happens to be this week’s preference. No use wasting a good service, Edison decides to have a little fun while he’s at it.

Stripping an angel of her purity is an added bonus...

What happens between Ariel and Edison is a surprise to both. Even with the threat of punishment looming over top of them.


Marlene @ Reading Reality

4.0 out of 5 stars Angel meets Demon for romance and rebellion!

Reviewed in the United States on October 19, 2012

An angel who wants more than she has. She doesn't want to just watch humans fall in love (and consummate that love) she wants to experience those feelings for herself. Any resemblance between the angel Ariel's desire to explore human emotions and sensations, and the mermaid Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and her desire to experience the human world, may not be accidental.

They both wanted more than they had. And their perfect match to experience that "more" turns out to be their opposite. In the mermaid's case, it was a human. In the angel's case, it's a demon. Who else would understand the supernal world she springs from, the pressures that she serves under?

And is it any wonder that the demon's name is Edison? A name that we humans associate with discovery? Or that they are brought together by Madame Eve? Eve, who tempted Adam to eat from the Tree of Knowledge?

Because what Ariel wants is knowledge. She wants to know and experience more than she has, more than she is. Who better to teach her about desire than a demon? No other angel is remotely tempted to defy heaven, even in secret.

But Edison also wants more. He thinks he's booked his 1Night Stand to harvest another soul for his master. He's used dating services before for just such a harvest. But it's all getting humdrum.

Instead, Ariel finds a demon who has a bit of sweet mixed in with a whole lot of naughty. And Edison discovers an angel who is hiding a surprising amount of naughty under her halo.

Can they stop fighting what they feel long enough to see if this insane match might work?

Escape Rating B-: Angel meets demon is probably the ultimate in opposites attracting. Ariel and Edison are on opposite sides in the definition of the war to end all wars. Her boss saves souls and his boss damns them. But they're just foot soldiers, and they have been for centuries. And like soldiers everywhere, they have an awful lot in common.

Madame Eve has some seriously cool superpowers, whoever she is, to make this work.

But Ariel's personality is pretty clear from the beginning. She likes her job (she watches over children) but she wants something more out of her life. She has a rebellious spirit that doesn't quite fit. We don't get quite as clear a picture of Edison, and why he's willing to rebel.

The scenes where they begin their relationship are hilariously funny as well as hot. Edison is a foul-mouthed, well, demon. It's expected. He's also handsome as sin. Again, expected. But his attraction to Ariel's innocence is a surprise. Maybe more of a surprise than her attraction to him. Good girls always fall for bad boys, at least in fiction.

Still, this is one pair of opposites that you want to see ride happily off into the sunset. But I wonder what happens after that?

One night of passion could be lethal!

Wanting some excitement in her life, Penny Parker heads to Vegas. She’s hoping the guy Madame Evangeline has set her up with will give her more than a thrill.

Cade O’Donnell is a virgin…of sorts. Wanting something he’s never had before, he signs up for the 1NightStand service. Deciding to meet his match in Vegas seems the right setting for his tryst. What better place to have a fling than in Sin City.

Thrills are abundant when Penny and Cade get together. But will it be more than she bargained for? Has Cade bitten off more than he can chew?


LAS Reviewer

4.0 out of 5 stars Interesting Read - Grab a Copy

Reviewed in the United States on November 16, 2011

Penny has signed up for one of Madame Eve's 1 Night Stands and heads to Las Vegas where she is paired with Cade.

This is the fourth 1 Night Stand book I've read and have to say there's not one that hasn't held my interest and this one was no exception. It begins like most of the others but when Cade comes on the scene the author does a wonderful job giving you a sense that there's something different about him. I loved the way he showed Penny some of the sights of Vegas before they went back to the hotel room. It's a story full of sexual tension because although there is some interaction between Penny and Cade before they hit the town, the fact that it was pages before they had sex did keep me on the edge of my sit wondering would they, or wouldn't they or was Cade just there for company?

I hope I won't spoil this when I say it's a paranormal and no, I won't tell you exactly where the paranormal element comes into play but it did put a unique twist on this story and the series as a whole.

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